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Who we are

The Centre has been in operation since 1980’s. The current Information Officer is Mr Andreas LTH Hainghumbi. Information Services are recognized world wide as indispensable contributors to education, research, knowledge creation, knowledge management and knowledge dissemination.

NatMIRC providing access to high quality information and knowledge necessary to support the individual researchers, and academic programmes etc. It is a knowledge hub that underpins research and education.

With emphasis on enhancing the quality of life for all Namibian, Vision 2030 calls for rapid economic growth to be accompanied by equitable social development. These twin goals of growth with equity are to be pursued within a broader strategic framework of transforming Namibia into a knowledge-based economy in which institutions of higher learning are responsive to the skills needs of the country.

NatMIRC is a national support system for knowledge creation and knowledge management, providing access to relevant, appropriate and timely information in support of the mandate of the Ministry. Access to high quality and relevant information services and facilities will enhance effective utilization of knowledge, resource-based learning, research and development, and rapid transfer of skills. The library thus underpins a knowledge-based economy.

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