Established in 2007, the Benguela Current Commission has a mandate from Angola, Namibia and South Africa to promote the integrated management, sustainable development and protection of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME).

A Comissão da Corrente de Benguela

Criada em 2007, a Comissão da Corrente de Benguela é mandatada por Angola, Namíbia e África do Sul, a promover a gestão integrada, o desenvolvimento sustentável e a protecção do Grande Ecossistema Marinho da Corrente de Benguela (BCLME).

General Introduction

SEAFO is a regional fisheries management organisation in South East Atlantic Ocean established in line with the provisions of the United Nations Law of the Sea (Article 118) and United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement (UNFSA). The objective of its Convention (The Convention on the Conservation and Management of Fisheries Resources in the South East Atlantic Ocean) is to ensure the long-term conservation and sustainable use of the fishery resources in theConvention Area through the effective implementation of the Convention. The Convention Area excludes exclusive economic zones of the coastal states in the region.

SANUMARC centre serves Namibia through promoting research and development activities in the field of marine and coastal resources, taking into consideration the unique comparative and competitive advantage of the Benguela cold current ecosystem. Research conducted at the centre towards developing the fisheries and agriculture sectors complements what is done by the Ministries of Fisheries and Marine Resources as well as Agriculture, Water and Forestry. The Centre became a part of the United Nations University, as an Operating Unit of its Institute for Natural Resources of Africa, based in Accra , Ghana .


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